Yesterday evening, UVA students held a rally for Matrese and demanding an investigation into the circumstances that left him bleeding and handcuffed.
Organizers wanted it to be a chance for students to share their thoughts, get them out in the open, and that's what much of this ceremony has been

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 Cavalier Daily
Hundreds of students, faculty and community members attended the rally for third-year College student Martese Johnson organized by Black Dot and held in the amphitheater Wednesday night. Students used the open forum to express their discontent with the relationship between law enforcement and black people both locally and nationally. Organizers put together the rally after Johnson sustained injuries while being arrested on the Corner early Wednesday morning. Johnson is the outgoing Honor Committee vice-chair for community relations and serves on the Black Student Alliance executive board.
As you've probably seen the The #JusticeForMartese hashtag is currently trending on Twitter and many of our peers are raising money for Johnson's legal expenses. See first hand pictures and videos of the event below: