Premiering Sunday, November 18, on CBC Television in Canada is the made-for-television movie inspired by the heart-warming, real-life events surrounding the 2009 New Brunswick provincial championship victory of the Bathurst High School (BHS Phantoms) boys varsity basketball team. 

The film, titled The Phantoms,  is directed by Sudz Sutherland (above, left) – director of films previously covered on this site like, Love, Sex & Eating The Bones, and his most recent, Home Again, which premiered at TIFF in September.

Tyler Johnston, Kyle Mac, Holly Deveaux, Wesley MacInnes, Jacob Neayem, Greg Byrk, Wendel Meldrum, Joy Tanner, Tammy Isbell, William MacDonald, and Wally MacKinnon all star in The Phantoms, which Sutherland directed from a script penned by Andrew Wreggitt.

It'll debut on CBC on Sunday, November 18 at 8:00 PM/8:30 NT.

Watch the trailer below (and underneath that, you'll find a clip of Sutherland talking about the film):