Is there anyone who’s anxiously waiting to see Dreamworks/Disney’s film version of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots, aka Real Steel, which is coming out on October 7? I mean that seriously. Anyone at least over the age of 12, and not some 30 year old geek fanboy living in their parents basement, surrounded by their collection of Star Wars and Hellboy collectables? Raise your hands.

However, here’s a short promo video with Hugh Jackman trying really hard to convince us how great this film is going to be, and how he’s SO excited to be in it, when the reality, of course, is that it was just a really big paycheck for him.

But the short also reveals how the filmmakers used the movements of boxers trained by Sugar Ray Leonard to create the motion capture CGI effect for the boxing moves of the robots in the film.

Of course you realize that one of the robots, or maybe some of them (if they talk) will sure to have an identifiably “black” voice. Don’t they always?