Ever since the release of the fatal Philando Castile shooting dashcam footage, there have been much more volatile and emotional discussions surrounding it, and rightfully so.

Lawyer and journalist Sunny Hostin recently took to The View to discuss her perspective and response to the video release knowing full well she would receive Twitter backlash from “race baiting” accusers, per Atlanta Black Star.

In response to the footage being released after the acquittal of Officer Jeronimo Yanez, Hostin made a point to emphasize that even Castile’s announcement of the firearm/permit was doing “more than what was needed” in order to placate Yanez’s irrational fears. And yet, going above and beyond still cost him his life.

“As the mother of a black kid — a black boy — I’m trying to figure out why there is no way of responding, as a black man during a traffic stop, that is genuinely safe,” she said.

She then turned to the audience asking them to imagine this same situation happening if the race of Castile, his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds and their 4-year-old daughter was different. “I know I’m gonna get all the tweets: ‘Sunny makes everything about race, Sunny’s racist,'” she says. “Close your eyes and imagine the occupants in that car being white,” Hostin noted. “We would not be talking about this and it’s the fear of the black family, it’s the fear of the black man in the car.”

She ain’t lied! Neither about the obvious fear of black men nor the predictable response she received on social media.

But folks had her back, too!

Simply put, the phrase “everything about race” is a tactic to making nothing about race.