In a close 4-3 decision, the Supreme Court has upheld the University of Texas’ policy of using race as a criteria for college admissions.  Abigail Fisher, a white woman, sued the university, saying she did not get accepted into the school because she was white. After a U.S. District Court upheld the university’s admissions policy, Fisher appealed and the case went to the Supreme Court.

Currently, state law, Texas residents can gain admission to the university if they are in the top ten percent of their high school graduating class. The leftover spots are filled on the basis of several qualifiers, including race.

In the majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy said that Texas’s policy complied with previous rulings that race could be used as a factor in the admissions process to increase diversity on college campuses. “The university has thus met its burden of showing that the admissions policy it used was narrowly tailored,” wrote Kennedy.

Controversy over the case sparked the hashtag #StayMadAbby, a celebration of black excellence.

After Thursday’s ruling Twitter, was too ecstatic that the court ruled as such.

Nice try Abby! Better luck next time!

Photo: Popkey

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