Former Motown executive and now primarily TV and film producer, Suzanne de Passe has signed a 3-year “first-look” deal with Universal Pictures via her de Passe Jones production company, which she runs with Phillip Madison Jones.

So what does that mean exactly? Well, basically, Universal has the right of “first refusal” on projects de Passe Jones proposes to develop. And if Universal, after “first-looking” at the proposed project, isn’t interested and decline to back it, then de Passe Jones can offer it up to another studio, or interested company.

So, essentially, despite the agreement, there are no guarantees of anything here… other than that Universal will seriously consider the project when presented.

But it’s a “good look” nonetheless… after all, it’s not like I’m in any position to sign any first-look deals with Universal, or any other studio or production company.

So good luck to Ms de Passe, who is also currently on board to co-produce Steven Spielberg’s planned MLK project.

Her resume includes producing sitcoms like Sister, Sister for the WB, mini-series like The Temptations for NBC, and made-for-TV movies like The Jacksons: An American Dream. She also produced a number of TV awards shows like the NAACP Awards, Essence Awards, and Black Movie Awards.

What can we expect from this first-look deal with Universal? Time will tell…