TLC member T-Boz is offering advice to the public after her 22-year-old daughter, Chase Rolison, appeared to be targeted by human traffickers. In a video message on social media, T-Boz said her daughter found something suspicious stuck on her windshield wiper after leaving the doctor’s office.

“Y’all always hear about sex trafficking and stuff like that, so my daughter was just leaving the doctor’s office, and when she came to the car she had a weird thing on her windshield wiper,” the 52-year-old mother said. “So, instead of touching it – because when you do, they’ll have some kind of drug substance on there that will make you drowsy and knock you out…..She looked at her surroundings, she hurried up, got in the car and drove off.”

Chase found a safe location, then used an object to knock off the suspicious item. T-Boz, whose real name is Tionne Watkins,  said the perpetrator may have tried to place a tracker on her daughter’s car.

“Now the concern is…I hear they put trackers on your car…Make sure y’all check for trackers so they won’t track you guys home or to the next location,” T-Boz said.

HGTV star and real estate mogul Egypt Sherrod recently spoke up about a similar experience. According to MadameNoire, Sherrod said she saw a man in Kennesaw, Georgia as he placed a tissue on a gas pump and waited nearby for somebody to touch it.

“So, if you ever find yourself at a gas station and a tissue is on the handle or you come back to your vehicle and see a tissue on the handle, DO NOT TOUCH IT AT ALL,” Sherrod said in a deleted Instagram video. “This is what traffickers are doing. They’re putting a toxin on the tissue and then they’re putting it on a place where you have to touch. And then they’re waiting for you to pass out.”