A Black Taco Bell manager was fired on June 8 after refusing to take off a face mask with "Black lives matter" written on it.

The manager, identified as Denzel Skinner, recorded himself on Facebook Live going back and forth with another manager at the fast-food restaurant in Youngstown, Ohio, WKBN reported.

Skinner, 29, opted to wear his Black Lives Matter mask instead of the surgical masks provided to the team. He said it was difficult to breathe with the surgical mask on, prompting him to wear his personal mask.

After a manager asked him to take the mask off, he refused and walked out of the door before being threatened with the loss of his job of eight years.

According to Skinner, Taco Bell has a policy requiring all employees to wear face masks, but the policy does not explicitly prohibit masks with messages on them.

"All it stated was [the mask] had to be clean," Skinner said.