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Amanda Seales' 'Black Girl Magic' Poem Was Everything We Needed And More

"You can attempt to imitate but soul you cannot buy."
Malinda Janay
 • 5 months ago

LaTonya Lewis Makes History As The Highest Ranking Black Woman In The Baltimore Police Department

She is making history as the first African American woman to rank Lt. Col.
Dominique Jackson
 • 5 months ago

This Video Asked A Bunch Of Black Girls One Simple Question: "Do You Know You're Beautiful?"

Affirm that ish!
Blavity Team
 • 8 months ago

Black Women Continue To Blaze Trails In Women’s Tennis, Showcasing Why #BlackGirlMagic Is So Real

For US.
 • 10 months ago

Young Designer Still #FlexinInHerComplexion In Dope New Photo Series

The 10-year-old Kheris Rogers' story about being picked on for having dark skin went viral earlier this year.
Ricky Riley
 • a year ago

Internet Throws Major Side Eye At Online Retailer Using White Models To Sell "Black Girl Magic" T-Shirts

They never learn.
Ray Evans
 • a year ago

Brilliant Gambian Robotics Team Gets To Shine After US Lifts Visa Restrictions

Can't hold us down
Blavity Team
 • a year ago

This Amazing 13-Year-Old Created A 'Brown Girl Magic' Conference

Smith has launched an organization, and is planning a convention in May.
Sean Collins
 • a year ago

5 Stereotypes About Black Women That Need To Be Broken

Why are we so misunderstood?!
 • a year ago

5-Year-Old Lola Dresses Up As Historical Black Heroines Each Day Of Black History Month

Black History Month may be coming to an end but #BlackGirlMagic shines year round.
Tiffany Stewart
 • a year ago

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