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Dave Chappelle Has Not Changed, The Times Have

It's easy to cross a line you've neglected your whole career.
 • 10 months ago

Who's Allowed To Tell Certain Jokes About The Black Community?

This goes way deeper than being politically correct.
Aaron Barksdale
 • 10 months ago

Frizzy Hair, Big Lips and Michael Bolton

by Candice Thompson // @jokesbycandice
Candice Thompson
 • 10 months ago

Could Accusations of 'Bullying Men of Color' Land Shaq In Unemployment?

Don't come between a mother and her son. Ever.
 • a year ago

Happy Birthday To Me:

A 14 Step Guide On How To Celebrating Your Birthday The Blackest Way Possible
Carrington Kinsey
 • a year ago

It's Official: Jamie Foxx And Jay Pharoah's 'White Famous' Is Coming To Television

Black TV just keeps on giving!
Stephen J. Grant
 • a year ago

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