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Racial And Social Injustice Still Attempts To Erase Progress In The Natural Hair Community

Make your statement.
Key Michel
 • 2 years ago

This New Docuseries Is Shining Light On Black Women With Natural Hair

Check This Out
 • 2 years ago

Whether Relaxed Or Natural, Your Hair Shouldn't Matter.

The elitism has to stop.
Chante Russell
 • 2 years ago

Going Natural: One Woman's Thoughts On Returning To Your Hair Roots

Relaxing my hair no longer brought me joy.
 • 2 years ago

Why We Are Disappointed In SheaMoisture

Hint: No, we don't hate white women
Ka Lynn Robinson
 • 2 years ago

'We Really F-ed This One Up': Shea Moisture Apologizes For Recent Controversial Ad Campaign

Come on Shea Moisture, we expected more from you.
Blavity Team
 • 2 years ago

Life After The Big Chop: How I Overcame Post-Colonial Legacies And Embraced My Natural Hair

Check This Out
Kaiomi Inniss
 • 2 years ago

What Does Your Carefree Look Like?

Let's keep it real. It's not just a Tumblr aesthetic.
 • 2 years ago

Depression and Dreams: What It Means To Have Both

Depression is something many go through. This is my story.
 • 2 years ago

Frizzy Hair, Big Lips and Michael Bolton

by Candice Thompson // @jokesbycandice
Candice Thompson
 • 2 years ago

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