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Howard students and alumni voice frustrations about living conditions

Since the beginning of this new school year, current students and alumni of Howard University, a Historically Black University in Washington DC, voiced concerns about the administration and the management of their university. Students took to social media using the hashtag #TakeBackHU to discuss everything from lagging financial aid processes to lack of air conditioning in the dorms, rodents and more.

The social media campaign was initiated by the following students @_OnlyJalen, , and @nadaleemarcelle.

https://twitter.com/_OnlyJalen/status/639135811238281216 https://twitter.com/AliyaJones_/status/639136094018215936

The hashtag quickly picked up steam and several alumni and students joined in on the dialogue.

  https://twitter.com/JamilahLemieux/status/639201003741540352 https://twitter.com/MelechT/status/639413465824817153 https://twitter.com/MichelleHux/status/639411862220763136 https://twitter.com/jozenc/status/639237252162428929 https://twitter.com/AllysnCarpenter/status/639197885448482816 https://twitter.com/CallMeARarity/status/639196422022266881 https://twitter.com/ThatCaliSigma/status/639192770687684609 https://twitter.com/DJ_4040/status/639183858831855617 https://twitter.com/_OAuthentic/status/639175955425153025

The current president responded on Twitter.


Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, the current president of Howard University, has since responded with an official statement and met with representatives of the campus student organization, HUSA.


Later that evening, the #TakeBackHU team issued a statement on Twitter.


The DCist reports that Aliya Jones organized a peaceful protest mentioned in the above statement on campus on September 4th in the administration building, also known as the "A Building," with about 50 other students.

Howard University has also agreed to set up a Student Customer Service Help Desk to address some of the concerns with residential life and financial aid.


Unfortunately considering the current fiscal climate, the problems experienced at Howard University are not unique in the higher education arena, especially for HBCUs.

The students made it clear on social media that while they are passionately voicing their concerns about Howard, they are doing it out of love, according to Global Grind.

https://twitter.com/jozenc/status/639236972389748737 https://twitter.com/Hana_Alem/status/639211366834958336

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