Tami Roman‘s husband has had enough of The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles.

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According to Cheat Sheet and TooFab, Roman’s husband Reggie Youngblood stepped in to protect his wife after Roman’s housemate David Edwards began antagonizing Roman about how she handled the previous conversation about racism (in which two white housemates used the N-word).

“You’re a Black man,” she told Edwards. “You’re supposed to speak to the plight of the Black man and your a–starts talking about a coropration? Black men are the ones being targeted, being killed. I would have liked for you to address that from a Black man’s perspective.”

Meanwhile, Edwards said the focus should be on Black-on-Black crime (a racist term in itself), and Roman argued that Black-on-Black crime is probably a part of systemic racism.

She also talked about the fact that white people kill white people too.

“If we had a level playing field, who’s to say that any of that stuff would be going on?” said Roman. “What I’m speaking to is systemic racism that keeps us from elevating. And because of that level of racism, we’re being killed off.” This still didnt’s way Edwards, who felt like he just should “stay in my line.”

The argument devolved into misogyny as Edwards walked through the house saying he would snatch her wig off and talked rudely about her hair. As Roman threatened to call her husband, producer Kevin Lee stepped in and told Edwards to temporarily leave the house, similar to what happened to Edwards in 1993 when he was permanently removed from the house.

Just then, Youngblood came to The Real World set demanding to see Edwards, worrying producers who did not want to see a fight between the two men. While Youngblood waited for Edwards to return, producers and Roman talked Youngblood into leaving.

In any event, it seems like time has not helped Edwards evolve in any of his viewpoints on racism or treatment of women.

As viewers know, Roman and Edwards already have a complicated history that was revisited on the reunion series as well — the incident from 1993’s The Real World in which Roman felt violated by Edwards when he ripped a blanket off of her, exposing Roman in her underwear. According to The Daily Beast, the event led to castmates Berrera-Kearns and Beth Stolarczyk to convince the other male roommates to join them in kicking Edwards out of the house, making him the first person ever to be removed from a reality show.

On Homecoming, Roman and Edwards talk about the incident again, but Edwards still appears not to have learned anything from the incident, refusing to understand how Roman felt, especially after she revealed she was suffering from body dysmorphia at the time. Just like in 1993, Edwards appears glib about the incident, including erupting in laughter.