FILM NEWS: We just signed the contract! Hubby Steven Barnes and I are optioning our YA+ zombie novel DEVIL’S WAKE to Tonya Lewis Lee, Spike Lee’s wife and a producer at ToniK Productions. ToniK wants to produce a feature version of Devil’s Wake! Lee first saw our short film adapated from the novel, Danger Word Film, after I met her at Atlanta’s great Bronze Lens film festival last fall. She read both DEVIL’S WAKE and the sequel, DOMINO FALLS. Here’s ToniK’s mission statement: “ToniK focuses on diversity and women, developing original projects and adapting some of today’s top novels and biographies. At ToniK we believe in telling great stories that need to be told, with an eye towards authenticity. We are women. We are mothers. We are diverse.” So excited!!! Check out the ToniK website here: Let’s see what happens next! (And if you still haven’t seen Danger Word, check out the ongoing Watch Party! Danger Word (online) Watch Party!!!! (The film link is

Words from author Tananarive Due (via Facebook) shared yesterday. No further explanation is necessary, I’m sure.

Congrats are in order for Due and hubby, author Steven Barnes, on the option, and I certainly hope that it’s only the beginning of even bigger things to come, in terms of adaptations of their novels to the screen (recall my 2012 suggestion that Barnes’ Zulu Heart would make a great film, in the right hands of course; It tells an alternate history tale in which black Africans have colonized the New World with white Europeans as their slaves).

We’ve frequently called for more novels by black authors – especially those who write in the more fantastical genres like horror, science fiction, etc – to be adapted to film, given the wealth of stories available within that space, that are sadly ignored.

A year ago, we interviewed the couple about Danger Word (and more) which they were fundraising for at the time. Read that wonderful interview HERE if you missed it.

And then watch Danger Word, which was obviously eventually completed and made available online this week. The 18-minute film is embedded below.

By the way, you can pick up a copy of their newly-optioned novel Devil’s Wake HERE and read it before it becomes a film.