Wherever it is I’m going in this business, I’m not there yet.” Henson says, laughing. “Who wants to come to Hollywood and be on the B-list? I want the A-list!

Those are words from Taraji P. Henson who gave an interview recently to The Washington Post. Henson, who’s a co-star on the new CBS show Person Of Interest, commented on her upbringing in the Southeast section of Washington DC along with her 15 year career in the industry as a single mother.

She also remarks on her long stretches of unemployment saying…”It never really occurred to me that I wouldn’t make it out here; it was just surviving in the interim. Now, did the interim seem rreeeeaaalllly long?” She laughs. “Yeah. Yes. Sure.”

Worth noting, when asked How did she go from working on prestige films such as “Button” to starring in movies by Perry, who’s regarded as a likable but limited producer of broad comedies? She responded… “He was the only one who called.”

Given the difficulty it takes to become an “A-List” actress does she have a real shot?