The Swifties have threatened to boycott Taylor Swift after disturbing comments regarding her boyfriend, Matt Healy, resurfaced on social media.

According to BuzzFeed, Healy appeared on a podcast in February alongside co-hosts Adam Friedland and Nick Mullen and made racist comments about rapper Ice Spice and objectifying Black women.

Spotify and Apple Music removed the episode for its objectionable content, but an audio clip remains on Twitter. In the one-minute clip, The 1975 singer and co-hosts compared Ice to “one of the Inuit Spice Girls,” which they described as a “chubby Chinese lady” and “a f**king Eskimo” and seemingly mocked Japanese and other accents.

Another clip found on YouTube also made its rounds on the internet. In the segment, Friedland said he caught Healy masturbating to Ghetto Gaggers shortly after his friends had left a party at his house. Although there are plenty of pornography websites out there that attract those with different sexual kinks, the site is considered the most vulgar.

Ghetto Gaggers is a hardcore pornography site focusing on the degradation and humiliation of Black women and women of color. According to the description, it’s “Extreme hardcore face f**king, ebony hoodrats, ghetto double penetration, yellow discipline and interracial throat banging of the Ghetto Gaggers,” per BuzzFeed.

In a Reddit forum, one user said white men sexually aroused at the thought of “racially and sexually degrading Black women” mostly use the site. The commenter also shared their thoughts on Healy and condemned him for his actions.

“I used to feel ambivalent about Matty and made excuses for him, but that information altered my perception of him permanently so i thought i’d share it,” the Reddit user explained.

Healy’s comments about Ice and Black women being “brutalized” caused a stir among Swift’s fanbase on social media. In addition, Twitter users called out the singer for dating the British native known for his problematic behavior.

“This taylor swift and matty healy thing has really just shown white women (t swift herself or her fans) will always prioritize being white above anything else. y’all see this supposed “ally” date this islamophobic, racist piece of s**t and are like “omg my two favs together,” one user said.

“This is literally so gross like he’s a sexual assaulter, racist, antisemite, fatphobe, sexist, Kyle r*ttenhouse supporting bigot. He literally even said in the past that dating Taylor Swift would be emasculating. He’s SO HORRIBLE,” another user said.

“I was wondering why y’all were dragging taylor swift….come to find out it’s because she’s dating a racist,” a third user wrote.

“As a hardcore Taylor Swift fan since ’09, I’m finding it very hard to stand by her this time. This feels like her true colours and honestly I’m not here for it. I do not want to support those who support racists, sxual assaulters, sexists, among many other things,” another user tweeted.

As Blavity reported, Swift and her ex-boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, 32, recently split after seven years together. They didn’t address what led to their breakup, only that “the relationship had just run its course.”