Teachers who go above and beyond often leave a positive, lifelong impression on their students. Sonja White, a teacher who put together an intricate in-classroom trip to Mexico, is one of those educators.

According to Complex, White shared a TikTok video detailing how she put the extravagant affair together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. White put together fake passports and boarding passes for her students and tasked them with packing carry-on luggage and bringing it to their “flight.”

White decorated the classroom like an airplane and played a video of a plane taking off while the students were in the fictitious plane. Each student was given a drink and snack while aboard.


Come along to Mexico with us for Hispanic Heritage Month!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽 @Southwest Airlines @Doritos #firstgrade #firsties #teachertok #teacherlife

♬ original sound – Sonja White💙🖤

After “landing” in Mexico, the students received a paycheck they could use at the gift shop White created. She instructed them to pay the exact amount or tell her how much change they should receive, integrating math into the equation.

The class enjoyed a meal at a Mexican restaurant to conclude their trip. A mom provided enchiladas, rice, chips, salsa, and tres leches cake.

The TikTok post has racked up 2.4 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes and comments.

Viewers commended White’s commitment to her students and noted how important that experience will likely be in their lives.

One TikTok user commented, “Not me thinking you really were taking a field trip to Mexico with the kids at the beginning 😂😂! I loved every second of this!”

“This is the type of teachers students always remember 👏,” another added.

One user said she wants to be in White’s class as an adult.

“@ my big age I wanna be in her class 😂❤️how creative and fun,” they wrote.

Viewers on X, formerly Twitter, were impressed, too. One argued White’s classroom experience proves teachers are underpaid.

“This is why teachers deserve to be paid 6 figures. I know for a fact most of this was out of pocket cost and an experience they will never forget. She’s teaching them real life experiences in a fun way. Educators we appreciate you 🫶🏽,” the user wrote.

Another agreed it’s an experience the kids will never forget.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the coolest teacher ever. She put SO MUCH thought and effort into every detail of this day for her students. Adorable! And shout out to the mom that made enchiladas and the drinks. Kids will remember this forever,” they tweeted.