Conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz can officially declare victory in the first presidential contest of the 2016 election. Cruz bested businessman Donald Trump and surging Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Ted Cruz can credit several factors for his win on Monday. Cruz has maintained strong support from Iowa evangelicals and has developed a strong grassroots organization throughout the sate. Cruz also notably wins despite denouncement from Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad.

If you aren’t familiar with Ted Cruz, here’s a quick refresher. Ted Cruz is a Harvard-educated lawyer who has clerked for the Supreme Court, worked for President George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign and served as Solicitor General for Texas prior to serving as Senator from Texas. Cruz is best known as a principled conservative who successfully shut down the government in 2013 fighting Barack Obama’s signature healthcare legislation.

Ted Cruz is far from defeating his challengers in the Republican field. Donald Trump, who has questioned Cruz’s citizenship, holds strong leads nationally and in the next primary state of New Hampshire. Marco Rubio, who finished third, has a 3-2-1 strategy believing a third place finish can propel him in future states as the Republican establishment coalesces around him.