On June 2nd Tamika Turner opened The Institute of Beauty, Tennessee's first natural hair school. The school, titled 'The Institute of Beauty,' is located in Bartlett, Tennessee and is the the only place where beauticians can go to learn how to style natural hair, and they're coming from all over the state to do so

natural hair school
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"Our goal was to have 20 students. Now we have 24 students and we have 15 students on the waiting list," Turner told WREG

The demand for this type of education isn't unwarranted.

In order to become a licensed haircare professional, aspiring hairstylists must attend cosmetology or beauty school and pass their state's exam for a license. However, traditional cosmetology and beauty schools don't teach hair stylists how to style and care for black hair

Black hairstylists have learned the tricks of the trade from family members, friends and personal haircare experiences. With the internet, YouTube has also become an unofficial natural hair academy, with YouTubers giving lessons on how to style, protect and make products for black hair

"It's huge because a lot of women are transitioning from relaxed hair to their more natural hair and it is really a big market now," said Stephanie Macklin, one of the institute's first students

June 2nd was only the beginning of this hair-care revolution. Although The Institute of Beauty hasn't been in operation for a full two weeks, Turner says she is looking to open another location by the end of summer

Do you have a natural hair school in your state? Let us know in the comments below!

natural hair school
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