Terrence Howard has booked a starring role in Knate Gwaltney’s feature film debut, the indie drama titled Cardboard Boxer.

Howard joins Thomas Haden Church, Boyd Holbrook, and Rhys Wakefield, in a story about a homeless Los Angeles man who becomes the target of a group of rich, troublesome teens get their kicks paying homeless people to fight each other.


I recall a real-life news story about something like this. The privileged paying the underprivileged to fight each other, while they video-tape to eventually upload to video sharing sites like YouTube.

Such nice kids today, huh?

I’m guessing Gwaltney’s film is inspired by this.

Macy Gray is also part of the cast.

No word yet on what characters exactly each actor has signed up to play.

Michael Witherill is producing and financing through his MJW Pictures company, with Michael Roiff also on as a producer.

Howard can currently be seen in Prisoners, as well as Winnie; up next, catch him in The Best Man Holiday.

Gray was last seen in Lee Daniels’ Paperboy.