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Tessa Thompson Steals The Show In New 'Thor' 'Trailer, Black Twitter Is Loving It

The actress stars as Valkyrie in the new Marvel movie.

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Sometimes there is no truer mirror to your feelings than Twitter.

You, if you were on the internet today, might have noticed that Marvel released the trailer for the newest entry in its Thor franchise, Thor: Ragnarok.

“Another Marvel movie,” you might have sighed, moving on to something else before remembering that it’s Monday, and that 5:00 isn’t going to get here by itself.

So you clicked on it, superhero-fatigue weighing on you heavy, just like this handsome young Twitter denizen:

“Is that Tessa Thompson?!” you shouted, everyone else in the office turning to look at you, and to nod excitedly that yes, yes that is Tessa Thompson, playing Valkyrie, all dressed up for the end of the world.

And everyone else thought the same thing as you:

Our favorite director even got in on the action:

Tessa herself set the record straight:

And while there was some love for Idris too:

We really, really want to focus on what's important here:

Not to mention an awesome actress. Is it too early to start asking Marvel for a few Valkyrie movies?

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