Screening tomorrow morning, at the ongoing 2011 installment of the Tribeca Film Festival here in New York City, is Rwandan filmmaker Kivu Ruhorahoza’s feature film debut, Grey Matter (aka Matière Grise), shot on location in Kigali, Rwanda.

Synopsis reads: “When his grant falls through a few days before production, a young filmmaker hides the bad news from his team and continues preparations on his film The Cycle of the Cockroach without financing or equipment. Reality blurs as scenes from the script suddenly begin to materialize – can this film exist only in his dreams?

Maybe a touch of Fellini’s 8 1/2 in there, perhaps, as films that center on filmmakers in some turmoil, as the dream world blurs in with reality, are often compared to.

it actually screened last night, its debut, and I completely forgot to mention the screening. But you’ll have another chance – 3 more chances actually, when it screens tomorrow morning, next Wednesday evening, and next Saturday (the 30th) night.

I plan to attend tomorrow’s screening, with a review to follow.

You’ll find a trailer below, and an interview with the director underneath:

GREY MATTER (trailer) FICTION from Antonio Rui Ribeiro on Vimeo.