The Inffinito Festival Circuit returns to Miami from August 18 to 25 to celebrate its 16 years as the foremost showcase of Brazilian cinema abroad.

The 16th Brazilian Film Festival of Miami’s programming will consist of Competitive Screenings, at the Colony Theater from August 22 to 25, and Special Screenings, at the Miami Beach Cinematheque from August 19 to 24.

On August 18th, our Opening Night will take place at the New World Symphony with the screening of The Clown, by Selton Mello. Free admission!

Considered the largest event solely dedicated to Brazilian Cinema abroad, as well as by the local government as a successful business and communication platform between media, industry professionals and investors on the audiovisual sector, the festival originated the Inffinito Festival Circuit and presents approximately 22 Brazilian productions that come to Miami representing the best of the most recent Brazilian productions.

For this year's full lineup, which includes films like Cecília Amado Captains Of The Sand (trailer embedded below) click HERE. Individual highlights will follow: