Noel Clarke first mentioned this last fall, and since then, both he and Ashley Walters have reiterated plans to produce a UK version of Bad Boys, which they wrote together, and it looks like they both plan to co-direct as well (at the very least, co-produce and co-star).

Still no official synopsis yet, but over the weekend, I learned (via 2 interviews with Walters HERE and HERE) what the name of the film will be, and a little more about the project.

First, this UK version of Bad Boys will be called Full Clip.  

Second, Walters says that the worked on the script (which is done) for 2 12/ years.

Third, Walters says production is planned to start towards the end of this year, which Clarke previously stated as well.

Still no official synopsis yet, although, in a past interview, he described it as a "buddy movie" (well of course) about 2 undercover cops in the UK working on a "big case," and went on to say that it's much more than that, adding that it's about 2 polar opposite guys learning how to relate and work with each other, and obviously solve this "big case" they're working on.

Not-so unlike the USA version of Bad Boys with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, I suppose? Or for most buddy/cop action movies actually.

So something else to look out for from these 2 fellows, who seem to be enjoying lots of success, turning out project after project, while other black Brits apparently struggle (referring to recent reports on the lack of opportunities for black Brit talent in the UK).