It's a generational thing but whenever I hear The Avengers I always immediately think of the late 60's British TV show of the same name that was on the ABC Network with super spies John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel. (Even N.Y. Times film critic A.O. Scott said the same thing himself in his review of the Marvel super hero film.) Guess you had to be around then at the time. The show was HUGE deal back then and one of absolute favorites as kid.

And I kept thinking about it while even watching the movie since that form fitting, skin tight, leather jumpsuit that Black Widow wears in the film while battling the bad guys is exactly like the form fitting, skin tight, leather jumpsuit that Mrs. Peel would wear in every episode while battling the bad guys. What's old is new again.

But, as usual, I digress before telling you the news that The Avengers , the Marvel movie that is, has offically become the film with biggest opening weekend of all time making $200.3 million this weekend. And that's on top of the over $441 million the film has made already overseas. Which means how far past $1 billion will this film nake? Who knows? The rest of this week's B.O. reports coming within the hour…