As I’ve said before, I still don’t get, it but there it is…

I still don’t get why people like The Best Man so much. I swear I don’t even remember a single bloody thing
about that film. And I’ve had absolutely no desire to even watch the film again, since it first came out. But somehow people really love it to death.

But then there are films I love that no one likes, and it
all balances out.

But if you’re interested in seeing the film as good as it’s ever
looked, Universal Home Entertainment announced yesterday that they
will be releasing The Best Man for the first time on blu-ray DVD on November 5th.

The extras included are pretty lame. Just a theatrical trailer
and some featurette: Spotlight on
, which is most likely a short promo reel made back when the film was
in production.

Since Universal is, of course, releasing the blu-ray to
capitalize on the upcoming sequel, The
Best Man Holiday
, coming out this November, you would have thought that, at least, they would have taken advantage and added more
extras, including commentaries with the director and cast, and a Looking Back documentary, but nope. Unfortunately
this blu-ray release is more of a quick cash grab.