Addendum: Malcolm D. Lee recently Tweeted his confirmation of the original report:

And you know what they say, “once it’s tweeted, it is true.” Apparently, The Best Man Sequel is definitely under way. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for news as it develops.


More than a decade after The Best Man starred Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Terrance Howard, and Morris Chestnut as a group of old friends that reunite for a wedding, plans for a reported sequel are in the works.

Deadline reports that Malcolm D. Lee, who wrote and directed the first film, began considering a sequel to the romantic comedy after having a reunion dinner with several members of the original cast.

The film starred Diggs as a writer who plans to act as best man in the wedding of his football player buddy (Chestnut), but scrambles around the release of his autobiographical novel, which tells how he slept with the bride.

The sequel moves forward at Universal Pictures with Lee planned to write, direct and produce.

Word is that this film will reprise the original cast, which also includes Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun, Melissa De Sousa and Harold Perrineau.

While I’m not sure how I feel about a sequel this late in the game, I’m interested to see how well it’s executed, and what kind of story will be built around the characters this time around. And judging from the number of Best Man fans out there, my guess is that many of you will be checking for this film as well.