This looks like a worthwhile project to contribute to, if you can. 

I'll just let the screenwriter (Michael D. Walton), who alerted me to his project, speak for himself:

WHAT: The Championship Rounds ( is the story about a talented young, deaf African American boxer who raises his 6 month old son as a single father. The inspiration for this film comes from the Writer/Creator/Producer's (M.D. Walton's) experience of being exposed to a deaf friend in high school and the various stereotypes he witnessed; exposure to many boxing matches on VHS tapes as a kid and appreciation for the mental and physical elements of survival in and outside of the ring; and the experience of working within homeless shelters.

WHY: This is a launching pad for a magnanimous vision. Much like hit films Napolean Dynamite, Sling Blade, Half Nelson and Pariah, The Championship Rounds is starting off as a short film. We've had successful fundraising efforts thus far online and off having raised approximately $14,000 and this marks our Final Online Campaign. If we reach our goal of $25,000 we will be able to stick to our timeline, green-light our project and stay on course. If not, then we are forced to wait. We want to beat the submission deadline for major festivals to help get this project out there and seen. It's too important.

WHO: We've been able to assemble a wonderful cast/crew thus far for the short film: Harold Perrineau Jr., Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Linden Ashby, Michael Anthony Spady, Emma Reaves, Peter Jae, and John Forest.

What does my contribution go towards?

Your funds are covering all aspects of the production process from Pre-Production to Production to Post-Production. In other words, your funds will help pay our Cast and Crew Salaries, Locations and Permits, Equipment Rentals (RED One Camera, Lighting, Trucks), Editing, Composition,Travel Costs, Festival Submission Fees.

For the rest of the story, click HERE for the project's Kickstarter page; or watch the pitch video below and click within the widget underneath.

As of the time of this post, the project has raised just under 10% of its campaign goal, but, thankfully, there are still 30 days to go.