If you lived for The Circle season 2 winner DeLeesa Unique and her iconic win….the person she catfished as, her husband, Trevor St. Agathe–is there to win the whole game just like she did.

In a recent conversation with Shadow and Act, the two sat down with us to talk about Trevor getting on the show, his strategy, if DeLeesa coached him, what’s changed in her life since winning, what’s next for them as a family and more.

Going into the game, Trevor, who went into the game as Imani (using the photos of one of DeLeesa’s friends), says he thought he would do well but part of him doubted how easy he would be able to transition into the game– especially coming in later. But it all worked to his advantage, as he came in later in the game and still made it to the finale–and as of the latest episode…has a chance to win it all.

“Honestly, there were times when I was really unsure,” he said. I was like, ‘Man, I don’t know how this game is going to go.’ Early on, I was like, “Of course. Once I get in there, everybody’s going to like me. This is going to work perfectly.’ Well, [when] you’re in the game, man, you can’t help but have some doubts. And I was even surprised to see how far I got because you just never really know which way people were thinking…because I guess everybody plans to play the game as if they’re going to be one of the original eight.”

Though he didn’t know how well he’d do, he was sure that he could embody Imani.

He added, “I’ve basically been practicing for this test the last 15 years of my life [laughs]. Since I’ve been with DeLeesa, every single day, I get a chance to watch a woman be herself. You think so much about, ‘OK, what would DeLeesa say? What would DeLeesa do’ And in those moments, you’re like, ‘Oh, man. I got this. I don’t even need to worry. I know what I’m going to say. I’m good to go.’ There were aspects of it that were definitely challenging, but when my mind was 100% focused into character, I was like, ‘This is easy. I can just roll with this.'”

DeLeesa says she didn’t really tell him too much about how to play the game, because that’s virtually impossible, but she did want to make sure he wouldn’t blow his catfish cover.

“I really focused on trying to make sure he doesn’t blow his cover as a woman,” she said. “I was so scared about that because when you come in as a catfish, for whatever reason, most of the time, you’re just a target if people realize you’re a catfish. We don’t see too much of that this season, which is good because I feel like it gives catfish better chances. But that was my main thing. I just didn’t want him to get caught as a catfish. I told him pretty much, ‘Be yourself, be genuine.’ Because people could feel that through the screen. Even though you can’t see people’s faces, the way that we communicate and because we’re by ourselves, that communication is so much more important. People think, ‘Oh, they made these phony relationships and connections. They just met and they sa I got your back.’ And that’s because you’re the only person I’m talking to and we have a solid connection based off of what we’re talking about in the game. So I just wanted him to go in, be himself, have fun with it and build those connections.”

And of course, a crucial part of both Trevor’s game as Imani and DeLeesa’s game as Trevor was to flit.

“I wanted to have a positive communication, positive relationship with the women in the game,” Trevor explained. “I definitely intended on finding a male to flirt with. So none of that really changed. But I think the manner in which I had to attack the game obviously had to be a little different than I planned.”

Now that their household will have two The Circle alumni and at least one winner, they have their eyes on taking their platform to the next level.

“The main goal is for us to have a family show,” said Trevor. “I think we’ve really started to position ourselves in a way that would work out really well for us. I think that we’d be amazing on television. And it’s also comforting that people fell in love with us and our family and our girls.”

DeLeesa added, “We get that a lot. A lot of people comment, ‘We want to see your show. We would totally watch you two,’ and stuff like that. And I just think as a family, we can contribute a lot to just viewers just seeing the inside look of a young millennial, relaxed family…a positive Black family. I think that’s something that we can really offer. And I think people notice that and they gravitate toward that. That’s why that’s the goal of ours…to really be able to put that out there.”

“You see more of that in scripted series,” said Trevor. “But I think it would be really good to see on television, a very authentic Black family that is just trying to do the best by each other and their children and just create the best life possible.”

The Circle finale airs next week. Watch the full interview below: