The Flight Attendant remains to be one of the most exciting shows on television in its sophomore season on HBO Max.

Shadow and Act spoke to series stars Kaley Cuoco, Zosia Mamet, Rosie Perez, Griffin Matthews, Deniz Akdeniz, Mo McRae, Callie Hernandez, Mae Martin and J.J. Soria about season 2, how the mystery evolves into something that looks different and how a dead guy gets replaced with Cassie herself in season 2’s “mind palace.”

Doing those scenes in particular for this season is something that Cuoco believes is some of the most challenging work that she’s done in her career.

“We had the mind palace for season one where we had dead Alex, and that was a really big, fun part of our show,” she explained to us. “So we wanted to keep that, but we really were racking our brains…like, ‘How do we make it unique, how do we do something different…and who would she even meet in there?’ We realized she’s going to meet herself [and] this is going to be a mirror for her. She’s going to see all the parts of her that she hates and the parts that she’s running away from.”

What’s even more mind-blowing was the way they put the scenes for that aspect of this season together.

Cuoco continued, “Actually, shooting it was the most insane thing that I’ve ever done. It was very technical. Our team had multiple conversations with the team behind Orphan Black because they did a similar thing. They were a huge help to us. As an actor, I am very in the moment. I like to improv and I do something different every second. I never know what’s going to come out of my mouth, [but] this process shooting these multiple Cassies, that had to go out the window. It actually had to be very prepped. I had to match multiple things that I was doing, and then I would work against myself, but we already shot it. And so it wasn’t like that was a real person anymore. I was shooting against that take. My doubles had to match me and they had to do my mannerisms and learn the dialogue. And it was not the way that I like to work. So it was an adjustment for me.”

Watch the full interview below in which Perez and Matthews talk about diving into their characters more, Mamet and Akdeniz talk about their characters’ relationship this season and McRae, Hernandez and Soria on being new characters in the show: