The recent influx of African Americans returning to the southern regions of the United States to live is examined by filmmaker Naimah Fuller in her upcoming documentary The Great Migration Of The 21st Century.

Fuller states…”I moved from New York to Atlanta, and soon discovered that nearly everyone I met was from the Midwest, the Northeast, or the West Coast. After a little armchair research, I realized something larger was occurring: African-Americans were not just moving to Atlanta. The real story was that black people were relocating by the droves to cities and towns throughout the entire south. The question I set out to answer in this documentary was this: Why were African Americans migrating en masse to the South?

In the film, she sets out on a quest to explore the “sacred ground” which was paid for with the blood, sweat, and tears of a people determined to live a life of freedom and equality.

Over and over again, people shared their stories— that moving south felt like ‘coming home.’ What began as a curiosity soon became a calling, an ancestral calling, to identify their returning descendants,” she states.

Appearance in the film include, among others, Maya Angelou, Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Terance Blanchard, Elaine Brown and ambassador Andrew Young.

Currently, the project is scheduled to be released this month but Fuller needs financial assistance to complete it. For more info, check out the campaign trailer below. Also, don’t forget to “Like” the project on Facebook.