Look up “ride or die” in the dictionary and this picture will pop up.

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Papoose’s love for Remy Ma is #relationshipgoals. He saw her through an over six year bid and not only stayed by her side but married her while she was still locked up. Then they had a dream wedding once she was released. Now they share that love with the world on LHHNY.

Bad memories from when Rem was locked up!!! All we had was Each other💯

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They are a true hip-hop power couple.


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Their love is with rhyme and reason.

Look at the way she watches him.

And the way he watches her.

When we were young👫 #RemAndPap #BlackLove #RemyMa #RemyMafia #Vh1’s #LHHNY

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I mean, he’s got her inked on his body.

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And he likes to give her gifts that signify their #BlackLove.

His Instagram is basically dedicated to her.

Isn’t she lovely?

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I love em all💯

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Papoose told Essence:

“When I was a child, there were wedding pictures on the wall of my mother and my father, so seeing that as a kid, it made me have the goal, like, one day I want to have me a wife, I want to get married. I would put my wife before myself because I understand the vows that I made when I got married—I live by them.”

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