There’s certainly something to be learned from the success of Issa Rae’s web series The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl, and the overwhelming amount of support its received – specifically, in its fundraising campaign, which, as of today, with about 2 days left until it ends, has attracted almost $43,000 in contributions! What’s even more thrilling about that number is that she asked for $30,000. So, the additional $13,000 (thus far and counting) is the proverbial icing on the cake. Or maybe the cherry ontop of the icing on the cake.

Kickstarter says 1,585 folks have contributed to the campaign; doing the math, that’s about $27 per person. Not a lot at all. It’s demonstrative of what’s possible, and something which I hope happens more and often – specifically when it comes to content by and/or about people of African descent, since that’s our focus here.

In the new video clip below, Issa Rae and her producer Tracy Oliver give their thanks for all the support, and tell us what happens next.