The new BBC pilot project, BBC Raw, is described as an “an incubator for socially and racially diverse young people who want to develop into filmmakers.” In Hair Freedom, creator Zindzi Rocque Drayton reveals the powerful intuition of many women who have chosen to embrace their ‘natural hair.’

In our society, silky-straight hair is considered the norm. This sense of normalcy has urged many black women to chemically straighten their naturally curly roots, which often results in permanent damage. As the natural hair movement continues to grow, questions and judgment have also ensued. The film touches on a variety of topics including natural hairstyles in the workplace, the connection of afro-hair with slavery, and much more. The documentary-style project is inspirational to those interested in, transitioning to, or that are currently enjoying their coiled, curly and kinky hair. Check out Hair Freedom below!

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