Prime Video‘s new series The One That Got Away is a dating experiment that is unlike anything many have ever seen before. The show follows lucky singles in a time-traveling, experimental dating series hosted by pop star and singer/songwriter Betty Who. In a search for their soulmates, six hopefuls are given the chance to explore a lifetime of missed connections as one by one, people from their pasts enter through “The Portal” to surprise them and take their shot at love.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, Shadow and Act spoke with Betty Who and Jeff, Nigel, Kacey, Vince and Allyssa.

Alyssa says she realized in her dating life that she missed out on connections that could’ve been meaningful, for one reason or another. Typically, she wouldn’t be a person who would reconsider a relationship. But this experience changed her.

“I think that a lot of times we believe to leave the past in the past and that’s not always true. Sometimes people meet their high school sweetheart again 30 years later and they get married. It’s something that’s possible,” she told us. “I think that more people need to give chances to people from their past who maybe they had formed opinions about a long time ago and realize maybe they’re not that person anymore and we need to give them a chance. I think that we’ve all had experiences where we were in a situation where it was not the right time. Maybe we were in another relationship when we were presented with the opportunity to date someone and we weren’t able to explore that. I think this show gives you the opportunity to have a second chance and give that same grace to others who maybe you thought about and didn’t end up with. It is not a lot of going back to exes, per se.”

Nigel says the show isn’t your typical dating show and it’s the reason it works

“I think there are a lot of those other reality shows like The Bachelor or Love Is Blind that have become really vanilla. I think that we’ve seen those shows time and time again,” he explained. “What’s different about this show is you actually have to reach back in your past, whether it’s elementary, whether it’s middle school, high school, or in life. Right. You’re reaching back into your past where you had a genuine connection. Or there could have been that missed connection where you might have thought that person was hot or they thought you were hot and they wanted to have a more established relationship with you.”

The series is now streaming on Prime Video.

Watch the interviews below: