nullI wrote last year, around the time of the release of Sony/Tri-Star Pictures' remake of Sparkle, why Warners Bros was sitting on its hands and not jumping at the opportunity to release a restored blu-ray edition of their original 1976 version of Sparkle.

Despite its problems, many people, especially baby boomers who grew up watching the original film over and over again, still think it's the superior version.

Well, despite that, it's a day late and a dollar short. Warner Home Video has just announced that they are finally releasing the original version of the film on blu-ray DVD on May 7th.

No word yet as to special features that will be on the this blu-ray, especially since the original 2007 standard DVD release had none. But since all the major players who appeared in the film are definitely still around (director Sam O'Steen died in 2000) there's no reason not to have them do a commentary for the film, or, at least, a documentary talking about their memories about the making of the film.

Here's a clip from the original: