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I'm a sucker for hearing both sides of the story before making a concrete stance on the details presented. The entertainment world forces me to dive deep into the *why of things occuring in the industry.

What I find most intriguing about creators of today is how they've mastered presenting a world, an idea and a story we once never knew. From this we are able to adapt to the lingo, create memes and caption our pictures as a reference. But, here's my quarrel of an artist feeling shorted with an opportunity, possibly feeling replaced/threatened or imitated.

The situation with Mo'Nique and Netflix. It kind of makes me cringe because I feel like an ass for saying, well — Monique earning the same as a Chapelle or a Kevin Hart for a Netflix special isn't realistic to me. She has a fantastic resume, but is it currently deemed as a great marketing point for a network like Netflix? In my mind, I feel creators, artists and talents have phases of relevance. There's the peak, the simmer and the vintage moment.