In case you’ve been lying awake in bed at nights wondering whatever happened to the really really big fat guy who won American Idol a few years ago – Ruben Studdard – you can now set your mind at ease. Studdard will be seen in the straight-to-DVD release titled The Perfect Gift, coming out on November 1st from Image Entertainment.

Starring along with Golden Brooks from Girlfriends, Darrius McCrary from Family Matters, but better known as the ex-husband of Karrine “Superhead” Steffans (Hey I ain’t knocking him for that. I would have like to been married to her too for a brief spell just to see what it was like.) and the ever-busy, ever-present Clifton Powell (but of course), the film deals with a happy couple whose lives are turned upside when Studdard’s in-laws show unexpectdedly during the Christmas holidays.

Despite all the turmoil Studdard eventually learns that the “gift of love and understanding – which he alone can give – is the greatest one of all.

And I use the term “film” loosely since, from what I could find out about it, The Perfect Gift is yet another one of those taped stage plays shot live in front of a theater audience, this time in North Carolina.

The project was written and driected by Alvin Moore Jr. who has another similar type of “film” currently out on DVD – A Mother’s Prayer with Robin Givens and Johnny Gill.