The sentiment “getting to the money” has different meanings depending on your circumstances. For those with financial privileges, it could mean doubling down on investments and capitalizing on stock options. But for those who’ve had to work to break down systemic barriers, it could be tapping into the hustle and paying life’s proverbial tax to find a way to make everything make sense.

The latter group is where Wells Fargo is focused, dispatching an array of resources through corporate commitments to local and national partnerships to make it happen. All of this is nicely wrapped up in what the bank is calling its Banking Inclusion Initiative – a 10-year commitment to help more unbanked people gain access to affordable, mainstream, digitally-enabled transactional accounts and easier access to low-cost banking products.

At the center of this initiative is the intentional work to help Wells Fargo’s customers have better access and better relationships with money. Here are five ways Wells Fargo is here to help communities of color get on the path to financial wellness.