We just dropped our first “Anatomy of a Webseries” for Queen Hussy, Episode 1. Conversation about the process is always valuable and in this video you’ll hear from actress Jenn Pinto, cinematographer Antonio Cisneros, production designer Thomas Michael Ferguson, as well as yours truly about the process of directing the piece.

The approach with these videos was to get key cast/crew members back together to talk about how it all went down. We focus on the most challenging scene from the episode, and in this case it’s Scene 4, Episode 1, a nighttime exterior where 2 female characters fight at a 1970’s party.

You’ll hear specifics about the following topics…

– How to cover a scene with 2 formats and 1 character based camera
– Improvisation with the camera operation
– Depth, Texture, Color for Production Design
– The Technicolor App for the 7D (Cinestyle Profile)

…as well as answers to the following questions…

– What decade were our lenses from?
– What was our lighting approach?
– What are the benefits of shooting at night?
– Why is the Canon 7D is a blessing and a curse?
– How do you know where to put the camera?
– What are the challenges of a fight scene for talent and crew?
– How do you deal with nudity?

You’ll hear other thoughts and tips in the video too, these are just a few of the many.

Anatomy of A Webseries

Be sure to visit the YouTube page (http://www.youtube.com/TheQueenHussy) to check out the “Meet The Character” series. As I mentioned last week, there’s a little something special at the end for folks interested in getting a sneak peak at Episode 2. Watch for the instructions at the end of the video.

Awhile back my Double Down Film Show co-host (Anthony Artis) and I put together our list of “Ten Filmmaking Commandments”. I figured I’d share that as well as I really think it’s a valuable guide to at least strive for as we all continue to hone our craft.



Pete Chatmon