Amanda Seales may have only co-hosted The Real for six months, but she made quite an impact.

But in the finale episode, Seales was excluded from a montage featuring memorable moments throughout the years with previous co-hosts. She feels she was intentionally left out.

Amanda Seales posts an Instagram video on her reaction to her being excluded

Following the finale episode, Seales took to IG to give her immediate reaction. “So apparently The Real, in their finale episode did promo.  I am not featured in this thumbnail and I am not featured in the farewell episode, apparently. I’ll have some things to say about that,” she said in a brief clip.



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She elaborated on how she felt in a recent interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’

“In this particular instance, I’m gonna stand on the fact that at the end of the day if you gon’ do a retrospective of the show over the years that it’s been on, and the hosts that have been on it, it don’t matter what I say, I was a host on the show.”

Charlamagne Tha God explained that he felt as if Seales was intentionally excluded due to her complaints about her experience. Seales agreed, adding: “Which I have confirmed was the case.”

She also shot down critics who say she doesn’t have right to feel a way due to her only being on the show for a short time. “Then people were like ‘oh she was only there for five minutes.’ No. I was there for six months. Three of those months were in a pandemic. I’ve committed myself to this and I gave myself to that and I know that I contributed immensely to that space,” she added.

She says her former co-hosts were upset over her being excluded.

“Well we haven’t really seen anybody really in like – Jeannie and Adrienne hit me up and were like ‘that’s bullshit we did not realize that that was you know, happening’ and we were going to do an Instagram live but our schedules didn’t line up and it was just like, you know, it’s fine,” she explained.

The hosts of The Real have not commented. None of the producers have responded either. 

Watch the clip below