President Donald Trump is following through on his divisive campaign promises that lost him the popular vote but earned him an electoral college win. In his first 100 days, he is quickly signing executive orders that illustrate just what kind of leader he will be. The resistance has already begun to show out at airports and on avenues. Now, online resources like The Resistance Manual are joining in the battle. 

The latest to join in, 5 Calls, helps make it easier for citizens to get in touch with state representatives. As Tech Crunch reports, "The idea is that if you have five minutes to spare, you can place five calls – something that’s far more effective in terms of influencing your representatives and getting your voice heard than emailing is said to be." Calls are even scripted for callers based on the issue. Over 100,000 calls have been made.

The site will also detail the impact the calls are having and where activists should follow up on their work. As the Trump administration continues to find ways to try and erase the progress we've made, finding new ways to aid in the opposition is important. 

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