Meghan McCain isn’t mincing words when it comes to her conservative replacement on The View. McCain recently spoke publicly for the first time about Alyssa Farah Griffin as one of the new conservatives on the panel. For the first time in the daytime talk show’s history, two conservatives fill the table. While McCain says she doesn’t know her personally, she is no fan of Farah Griffin’s father.

McCain calls Griffin’s father a homophobe and racist

During a chat on Sirius XM radio with Andy Cohen, McCain gave her thoughts on the new co-host.  “The only thing I know about her is her family. She comes from an extremely, extremely controversial background. Her dad is a very famous homophobe and racist who started birtherism,” McCain told host Andy Cohen.

“He’s actually the person that invented Obama’s birtherism. So that’s what I know about her. And that’s not necessarily a reflection of her — again, I don’t know her,” she added.

McCain continued, “Her dad is someone who’s very known in political circles because of his extremism. I automatically am not gonna be in those kind of circles that she ran in, or anyone who had worked in the Trump White House.”

Her father is Joseph Farah. His daughter has also criticized him publicly at times.

Watch the clip below: