Whoopi Goldberg is like a lot of us when it is near the end of the workday; she confused the clocking out time. In Goldberg’s case, she confused when she was supposed to end The View‘s episode for the day.

Decider reports that during Thursday’s episode, Goldberg tried to sign off 20 minutes early after she confused when the actual ending of the episode was happening. A producer had to stop her from signing off, as well as the other co-hosts.

"Next, I wanna say, you all have been a great audience, we love that you are watching," Goldberg said

“We want you all to have a great day. Take a little–” she paused as the producer stopped him. “No?” Goldberg responded. “No?”

Her co-hosts also told her that there was more episode left to go.

Behar told Goldberg to look at the teleprompter, while Sunny Hostin said to Goldberg, "We got more show."

Behar added, ” We’re not done!” Even Alyssa Farah Griffin, who isn’t well-liked by the online audience, told Goldberg that they still had to interview Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.‘s Regina Hall.

Goldberg accepted her mistake with a simple, "All right, whatever…we'll be back!"

She is like all of us when we want to take our break. It’s understandable.

The View has been trucking along in its 26th season, which began in September. The show has already faced harsh criticism from audience members because of Griffin’s opinions, with many saying before Griffin was hired that they would boycott the show. Others have joined the fray about not watching the show.

Watch a clip below: