Sunny Hostin isn’t feeling the new gun reform framework that has been announced by Congress.

Over the weekend, a bipartisan group within the Senate announced their framework for gun legislation, which included a myriad of solutions, including improving and increasing health care resources for schools, increasing school safety, and ensuring abusive men can not gain access to a firearm. But the major reforms most Americans want–banning the sale of assault weapons and raising the age limit to buy firearms to 21–weren’t included.

Hostin let her feelings known, according to Decider, saying during Monday’s episode of The View.

She said, "If you're starving to death and someone offers you a glass of water, should you applaud that?"

“I think what Republicans often do is that, for example, they voted against funding to deal with the baby formula shortage, but they complained about the baby formula shortage. And then they complained about price gouging at the pump, then they voted against any measures to deal with price gouging.”

She continued, saying that Republicans "don't vote on solutions so that they can campaign on problems," adding that the Republican talking point regarding the gun reform deal is about mental health, when many people with mental health conditions don't ever become perpetrators of violence.

“[P]eople that suffer from mental illness are 10 times more likely to be the subject of violence rather than perpetrate violence,” she said.

"…[D]on't piss on my leg and tell me that it's raining, Republicans, because the problem here is the AR-15," Hostin said after Whoopi Goldberg agreed with her about Republican hypocrisy.

“We are dying are starvation, okay? Don’t give me a glass of water with this legislation. It’s not going to work. It’s not going to solve our mass shooting problem in this country.”

The View has talked about the issues surrounding gun reform in the weeks since the Uvalde shooting, during which 19 children and two adults died while at Robb Elementary School. Overall, the panel at The View are reflecting the overall American opinion that Congress should legalize meaningful gun reform, including the banning of assault weapons.

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