Joy Behar said what nearly every Black person has said among their friends and family–that if Black people were able to get access to AK-15s, gun laws would be enacted around the nation in an instant.

According to The Root via Newsweek, Behar spoke the truth out loud on an episode of The View this week She said that gun control would only get enacted once “Black people get guns.”

The comment came as the panel discussed a Black man who reportedly built his own AK-15 after learning his home state of Connecticut barred the sale of AK-15s.

While guest host Lindsay Granger said it was weird that the man was Black and usually former members of the military are the owners of that type of assault weapon, Behar responded, “Here’s the thing: once Black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change. Trust me.”

Sunny Hostin backed up Behar's statement, adding, That's what happened with the Black Panthers. Know your history."

That history includes California passing the Mulford Act in 1967, which was aimed at disarming the Black Panthers, who usually protected neighborhoods with guns.

As The Root states, Black men who legally own guns still get labeled as criminal, and Black gun owners are still subjects of police brutality. The article cites Philando Castile's murder--prior to being killed, he let police know that he legally owned a weapon and that he was armed.

We know Behar is right, and it’s actually quite cool that someone who isn’t Black finally said what is unsaid to the mainstream. Perhaps Behar’s statement will make other non-Black audience members think about which people often considered as legal gun owners and who are looked at as criminals.

Watch a clip from this week's 'The View' below: