Sunny Hostin took Wednesday’s The View episode to rake guest host Alyssa Farah Griffin across the coals for working for Donald Trump during his poisoned presidency.

According to Decider, The View panel took part of their Hot Topics segment to discuss the ongoing hearing regarding the Jan. 6 insurrection. Hostin used the moment to question why Griffin said she was “astounded” that not too many people were coming forward to refute Trump’s insistence that the presidential election was stolen.

"I know there are people like yourself and others who are coming forward now, but wasn't the first impeachment enough?" said Hostin. "Didn't you see a lot going on?"

Griffin claimed that she was working within the Department of Defense during Trump’s first impeachment. She said that while she was in the Department of Defense, she was working “to get aid released to Ukraine,” which was “working actively against the Trump White House.”


But, Hostin said that Griffin still stayed within the Trump Administration, to which Griffin said she believed that "people of good faith should stay in public service."

“This is not directed at you,” she said to Hostin. “There are people who think that people like me…don’t deserve to have a voice because we worked for Donald Trump. I reject that. We are telling the truth now, we are telling it authentically, we are acknowledging what we did wrong…we all make mistakes.”

Whoopi Goldberg then challenged her to see if she has empathy for other women across the aisle who have also been facing harsh pushback from the public.

Griffin said that the “horrifying messages” women in the Democratic party have received need to stop.

“[Women] have a duty, regardless of political affiliation, to say, ‘knock that off,’ Griffin said about women across political lines sticking together. “We get it way worse than men do when we use our voices.”

Griffin is one of a few former Trump Administration members who have been on 'The View.'

The View gives conservative viewpoints a platform, but sometimes, the viewpoints can be problematic, such as many were during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. But occasionally, like with Griffin’s admission of women across the aisle needing to stick together, some points can reach common ground.

Watch the clip below: