Whoopi Goldberg called out conservative guest host Alyssa Farrah Griffin’s ageism on The View Tuesday as the panel discussed Joe Biden’s potential 2024 presidential run.

According to Decider, the panel discussed what it could look like if Biden and Donald Trump ran again for the presidency, with Griffin saying that voters are looking for someone to decrease the cost at the gas pump, take care of inflation, and other pressing issues.

"Who is best fit to beat Donald Trump? Because she should never be president again," she said.

“I’m not sure it’s Joe Biden and the fact that David Axelrod, [President Barack] Obama and Biden’s sneior advisor came out and said, ‘He’s going to be 82,’ it’s not about age. I don’t think he has the same sharpness I saw five years ago with Biden. Who will the Dems un with to bring that Obama energy?”

Goldberg shot back at Griffin's statement, saying, "I don't think we need Obama energy. We need somebody who can get the country back in line because if you can name a Republican who has a shot, that's what I want to see."

Sunny Hostin said she hates the rhetoric about Biden’s age, saying that if Trump believes himself to be “such a spring chicken” when he’s about to be 78 years old, “I don’t like this ageism argument.” However, Griffin said that while she is also against ageism, she still believes age is a factor in who should run for the president’s seat.

She said she wanted to see a "sane Republican" run and that "we deserve better options other than two octogenarians."

Goldberg once again hit back, saying point blank, “You’re being ageist…You know Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s. He was much younger than 80, and I don’t think that’s what’s going to make it happen. It’s not your energy. It is what you can get done.”

Currently, the political landscape for the 2024 election cycle looks, if not bleak, undetermined.

While Trump is still facing legal repercussions for his part in the Jan. 6 attempted coup, Biden’s approval ratings are shaky at best. On both sides of the aisle, there hasn’t been a standout politician who has made a stake a being named presidential material.

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