Whoopi Goldberg went in on seemingly conservative guest host Lindsey Granger when The View panel talked about the ongoing Roe v. Wade debate.

According to Decider, Granger drew Goldberg’s ire when she decided to turn the discussion about the Supreme Court’s leaked draft opinion on the right to abortion into a critique of President Joe Biden, saying he had a “messaging problem.”

“[H]e’s failing miserably in the midterms,” said Granger, leading Goldberg to ask her, “You think Biden did it?” The “it” in question being that Biden was somehow behind the Supreme Court leak.

She clarified that she didn't think Biden caused the leak, saying that he could use his executive powers to end the debate.

“Biden could use his executive order, he can use different powers, and that’s the same thing with this abortion issue,” said Granger. “[B]ecause he can do anything, like end the filibuster. But why doesn’t Biden want to end the filibuster and push this through?…Biden doesn’t want to look crazy and lose his election seat and know that he’s in the midterms and not having anything to run on.”

While Hostin remained skeptical, Behar asked, "What's this got to do with the leak?" To which Granger shouted, "I'm asking you, what is Biden standing for?" Annoyed, Goldberg replied, "And I'm asking you, can you answer my question? Can you answer the question first?"

It took a lot for Granger to finally admit that Biden couldn’t actually end the filibuster on his own (because of that pesky thing called “checks and balances”), saying before the commercial break, “I wanted to clarify that Biden can’t single-handedly executive order to end the filibuster.”

Decider described Granger as taking the Meghan McCain position of being obstinate, even in the face of truth.

And, as prior reports have shown, fans of The View get tired of having someone on the panel lie and obfuscate the truth. However, The View production team still believes that having someone who represents extremist views is good for ratings.

Watch a clip below: