Monday’s Battle Rounds on The Voice proved to be more than what the coaches had bargained for. The performances were astounding especially, Gymani and Aaron Hines. With Gymani taking the win, Kelly Clarkson left Hines open for a steal. The only coach with the ability to steal was Ariana Grande who passed on Hines, stating she was going to use her steal for someone or something “special.”

It appears that Grande has found that “special” something in vocalist Manny Keith.

Keith and Wendy Moten, hailing from Team Blake Shelton, battled it out during Monday’s performance to Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You.” Ultimately Shelton chose Moten, thus cutting Keith’s journey on the show…or so viewers thought. Using her final steal, Grande breathed life into Keith once again. Viewers of the show took to social media to express their excitement.

“So glad @ArianaGrande saved Manny”, tweeted a viewer.


Another viewer chimed in, “@johnlegend made a really good observation about it look like two different performances w/Manny and Wendy @NBCTheVoice #TheVoice but they did sound good! Glad @ArianaGrande stole Manny.”

“I’m glad #Manny is still on the show,” a viewer tweeted as the next one added, “Oh I know manny is happy!!! He wanted Ariana from the start and I know she can tune up his vocals.”

A fan observed, “She’s tried to steal all the other gold contestants, they just keep rejecting her.” Another user praised Grande’s choice adding, “Finally a smart move.”

Gande praised Keith’s performance.

She told him, “What an incredible performance. From the moment you walked out, your energy was so amazing Manny. I loved it so much. You have this unique vibrato that I think is so cool and so uniquely you.” Grande added, “It is probably the hardest thing to sing with Wendy.”

Keith took to Instagram to thank Grande for saving him.

“thank you so so so so much from the bottom of my heart for STEALING me and for giving me a second chance in this competition…I’m at a LOSS for words,” he wrote.


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Watch the battle below: